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There is a new controversary in the IPL 3 scenario. The Sashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi controversy has resulted in IT raids in Lalit Modi's house. Now, while the Income Tax officers were searching for it, they found Laila Mahmood in one of the CCTV cameras. Allegedly, Laila Mallya, the step daughter of Vijay Mallya was transporting some documents to safe place from Lalit Modi's office.

The police also found some of the secret documents on Laila Mahmood's laptop. This revelation has dragged Vijay Mallya and his daughter Laila Mallya into the Modi Tharoor Controversy. What started as just a small Tweet has been snowballing into something very very big. We tried to collect Laila Mahmood's pictures and got only the following Laila Mallya Pictures.

Laila Malya , Vijay Mallya's daughter at IPL 3
Laila Mallya Daughter of Vijay Mallya
Laila Mallya is also known as Laila Mahmood
Vijay Mallya Daughter Layla Mahmood
Laila Mahmood with ehr friend at a Kingfisher Party
Laila Mahmood a.k.a Laila Mallya Vijay Malya Daughter
Laila Mallya poses for photographers in this picture
Laila Mallya Vijay Mallya
Laila Mallya, with her close friends at a party organized by Vijay Mallya
Laila Mahmood Vijay Mallya
Laila Mahmood with another friend at a party


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