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Disclaimer: This article is written by Hiren K. Shah, Owner at Growell Financial Partners. He wrote this article for his Yahoo Group users

Your journey towards financial freedom isn't complete without these obstacles which you must learn to face and conquer. The sooner you take action against them, the sooner you achieve wealth.

Impulse Buying

Through the years, I have changed from an impulsive buyer in the stock markets to a contarian buyer. It took some time and a lot of personal motivation but I was finally able conquer this bad habit. If I was able to do it, I don't see any reason why you can't. Whenever I'm faced with an urge to buy something unplanned, I usually pause and ask myself several questions first. These simple dialogue with myself has become a powerful tool for me and I hope it will be for you too.

Always buy when you see value not the price movements.


Inflation hurts people particularly those in fixed incomes like the elderly and those whose income isn't indexed to inflation. They lose a part of their purchasing powers because their cashflow remains constant while their cost of living increases. Employed individuals, despite receiving constant salary increments, are hurt because there is a time lag in compensation adjustments. By the time they receive higher nominal income, it has already been months since the prices of commodities went up.
Have a plan to buy assets which gain during inflation.


Procrastination simply refers to the habit of putting off doing something for a later time. Aside from the definition, it is also necessary to learn why we often choose to procrastinate. Is it simply because we are too lazy to act or is it something much deeper? More importantly, how do we get rid of this bad habit? What is the best way to really overcome procrastination?

Do today,what you can do tomorrow.Do now,what you can do today.Remeber NIKE "Just do it"

Fear of Taking Risks

A simple message I got from my mentor is "Remember, life is a risk. To do or not to do something is an equal risk. And not doing something is the greatest risk of all. If you do it, you could lose . And if you don't do it, you will never know the benefits of having done it, or whether it will even work or not. So not risking is the greatest risk of all."

I hope that this will inspire you to do the same in your life.

Wrong Beliefs About Money

If you think about it, money is simply defined as a tool that we use to acquire the things that we need or want. It is a non-living thing that is void of emotion or bias. Take a Rs 1000 note out of your purse right now and look at it. Would you agree with me if I say that you're simply holding a piece of paper? Can you shred it to pieces now ? No you would not.Yet we invest lakhs of money into wrong investment and throw our wealth into the sea.

Keep these things in mind and overcome them when taking investment decisions.

Happy Investing.

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There is a new controversary in the IPL 3 scenario. The Sashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi controversy has resulted in IT raids in Lalit Modi's house. Now, while the Income Tax officers were searching for it, they found Laila Mahmood in one of the CCTV cameras. Allegedly, Laila Mallya, the step daughter of Vijay Mallya was transporting some documents to safe place from Lalit Modi's office.

The police also found some of the secret documents on Laila Mahmood's laptop. This revelation has dragged Vijay Mallya and his daughter Laila Mallya into the Modi Tharoor Controversy. What started as just a small Tweet has been snowballing into something very very big. We tried to collect Laila Mahmood's pictures and got only the following Laila Mallya Pictures.

Laila Malya , Vijay Mallya's daughter at IPL 3
Laila Mallya Daughter of Vijay Mallya
Laila Mallya is also known as Laila Mahmood
Vijay Mallya Daughter Layla Mahmood
Laila Mahmood with ehr friend at a Kingfisher Party
Laila Mahmood a.k.a Laila Mallya Vijay Malya Daughter
Laila Mallya poses for photographers in this picture
Laila Mallya Vijay Mallya
Laila Mallya, with her close friends at a party organized by Vijay Mallya
Laila Mahmood Vijay Mallya
Laila Mahmood with another friend at a party

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This is a random post reviving this old blog just to test its SEO abilities yet.. I am posting on a pretty random term called VITEEE 2010 Solutions . VIT 2010 Answer Key, VIT 2010 Solutions and VIT 2010 Cutoff are the keywords I am targeting. Let us see if this blog has those SEO abilities  in it.

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  • Are you blessed with a Macintosh to experience the brighter side of computing but are still trying to forget your Windows XP box?
  • Are you a Mac techie who wants to run some software which is released only to Windows XP systems and not yet entered the Mac world?
  • Are you wanting to fascinate your friends with showing your skills by doing a dual boot?
bootcamp+Mac --> Mac + Windows XP  ..logo
Whatever your motive is, if you want to run a Windows XP system along with a Mac OS in a Macintosh computer, then the best possible option for you is Apple's Boot Camp.The Bootcamp lets you install Windows XP on a Macintosh system and do dual boot.

So if you want to install Windows XP on a Mac using bootcamp, then follow the below steps:

  1. Download latest version of Mac OSX(currently 10.5.5) and the firmaware updates from the Apple Site .
  2. Create a Macintosh drivers CD by running BootCamp Assistant.These drivers are very important.So check once again if the CD has been properly written.
  3. Create a hard-disk partition so that Windows can be installed on it.Make sure the partition has a size ideally 10GB.This will provide sufficient storage for windows to install the OS and some required software.
  4. Now insert your Windows XP setup CD and start the installation.When asked to select the hard disk partition select C drive.Format it using FAT.NTFS format is not readable by Mac and hence to access the Windows XP drive from Mac , you have to format as a FAT partition.
  5. Wait for the XP installation to get on.Once the XP installation is complete, your system will be restarted by BootCamp in Windows XP automatically.
  6. Now take the Macintosh Drivers CD created in step 2 and install the Mac drivers.The drivers are extremely essential for your hardware to function properly.
That is all you have to do to get Windows installed on your Mac.The next time you boot you will be booted by default into windows.To boot into Mac press ALT key while booting up.

Create Windows Show Desktop Icon

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Have you ever wondered How to create Show Desktop Icon on your Windows XP box? Then you have a solution to the problem right here.Follow my favorite step by step approach :)

  1. Open your text editor(May be Notepad);
  2. Copy the following text into it
    Command = 2
    IconFile = explorer.exe,3
    Command = ToggleDesktop
  3. Save it as "Show Desktop.scf" and you are ready with the shortcut file.
  4. Cut the file and paste wherever you want to :)

Send free SMS through your Iphone

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Iphone Free SMS.png If you own that great master piece called as an Iphone, then you have the advantage of sending free SMS.Actually you need not limit your self to an Iphone.With the following tip you can send free SMS from any mobile that can access internet.
You have to point your mobile's browser to There you will be presented with a form as shown to the right.Fill the form with the details and with that you are done.

Dynadel's SMS service supports carriers in US,UK,Canada, France etc countries.

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I have recently experienced this bug of Google Chrome not playing You Tube videos.It just plays for the first two seconds and then stops.I first thought it's problem with Google Chrome.But when I tried it in my other browsers, I realised my Google Chrome,Firefox and even Flock don't play YouTube video.After doing some research I came to know that it's due to the incompatibility of newest version of Macromedia Flash Player.So as a temporary fix, follow the following procedure.

Problem:You Tube video plays for 2 seconds and stops in Firefox,Google Chrome and Flock.
  1. Download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller:
  2. Save the file to your system (for example, your desktop). Macintosh users may need to open or unstuff the .hqx file.
  3. Quit ALL running applications, including all Internet Explorer or other browser windows, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, or other Messengers. Check the Windows system tray carefully to make certain no applications are still in memory which might possibly use Flash Player.
  4. Run the uninstaller. This will remove Adobe Flash Player from all browsers on the system.
  5. Now reboot your PC.
  6. Download Macromedia Flash Player v. from here .
  7. Install it and now start your browser to see YouTube Videos.
  8. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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